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Thomas Cain at Pittcon 2015 

Thomas Cain exhibited with SEAL Analytical at Pittcon 2015. 

Pittcon 2015 conference and expo was held in New Orleans, LA  USA. The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, is a Pennsylvania not-for-profit educational corporation which is comprised of the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh (SSP) and the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh (SACP). It was an opportunity to see cutting edge innovations, attend technical sessions and workshops from all around the world. 

Acquisition of Thomas Cain  |  Sept. 26, 2013

SEAL Analytical, the leading global supplier of automated colorimetric analyzer instrumentation today announces the acquisition of Thomas Cain, a manufacturer of automated chemical addition, sample preparation and digestion systems for the analysis of mercury and metals to environmental laboratories.

The acquisition further enhances SEAL Analytical‘s capabilities in the water and soil analysis market by increasing the installed base of laboratories served and widening the range of products and services offered.


Billy Grimes |  ACZ Laboratories

As far as overall reliability, we are very happy.  Any minor issues we had have been quickly addressed by customer service.  Deena is a ‘bare bones’ system which really helps on the consistency and reliability end, the single injector delivery is great and insures accurate delivery of reagents (as opposed to other vendor setups that split one tube into 6 injection ports- we have had consistency issues and clogs with those autoblocks).  Our calibration verification on the reagent delivery system is always spot on when we do our monthly checks.  The software is also very user friendly.

Once you take the week or two to set up your methods, DEENA allows for complete automation of digestions and greatly saves labor time to redirect focus on more complex tasks in the lab. We have also come up with novel ways to run multiple digestion methods at the same time. We just put in a PO for a second DEENA to replace manual hotblocks in our cleanroom for 200.8 digestions!.

Owen Byfield |  Accurate Environmental Laboratories

The more we use DEENA the more I like it. There are some days that I willnotice DEENA is not running or there are no samples set up. I will usually askwhat is wrong or why not. Those are the few days that we are caught up and donot need to prep any samples. I have actually wanted an automated system likethis for a few years.You are doing a good job.


  • Waste Water Analysis

  • Soil Analysis

  • Mining

  • Mercury Testing

  • Pharmaceutical Analysis

  • Petroleum, Plastics, & Chemistry Process